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Charting Fertility With Cervical Fluid

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For those looking to conceive, being mindful of the woman’s menstrual cycle is imperative to a successful conception. In addition to store bought ovulation tests, there are several ways that a woman can determine fertility levels. One of the most important factors used to determine a woman’s fertility is by checking the amount as well as the consistency of her cervical fluid. As cervical fluid, or mucus as it is sometimes referred to is produced continuously throughout the menstrual cycle it is as simple as noticing the changes in it. Once a woman is aware of these changes, she can begin charting fertility with cervical fluid as her guide.

During the menstrual cycle, the female reproductive system experiences many changes. Many of these changes are direct responses pertaining to the levels of hormones excreted within the woman. This influx of hormones causes the body to react in different fashions based on how much hormone is present. It is for this reason that cervical fluid is the second most common manner for determining fertility. In addition to being able to determine fertility levels, when cervical fluid is charted accurately a woman can even use this method to ascertain where she is within her cycle.

Checking your cervical fluid can be done by simply swiping your finger across the opening of your cervix. This will draw the fluid out so that you can check its consistency. Cervical fluid can also be checked by swiping your vaginal opening with toilet tissue. This method is typically more comfortable-especially if you have longer nails as fingernails have a tendency to scrape the cervix which can cause it to bleed making it more difficult to check the mucus accurately.

Cervical fluid most favorable for conception will be similar to egg whites as far as consistency. This type of mucus is referred to as EWCM or egg white cervical mucus, and occurs a few days prior as well as right after ovulation has taken place. This is the most promising condition for impregnation. However, it is important when charting cervical fluid for fertility that all instances of intercourse are also charted. This is due to the fact that egg white mucus is very similar in consistency to semen and can often cause inaccuracies. Another good indication that ovulation will occur soon is if the fluid is watery. It is common for the vaginal area to be somewhat wet when a woman is fertile. Watery cervical fluid is also typical right before a woman begins to menstruate towards the end of her cycle.

Types of cervical fluid unfavorable for conception tend to be sticky or creamy. These conditions are generally found a week prior to ovulation, and a week after give or take a day or so.

While ovulation tests can be purchased at your local pharmacy, charting cervical fluid for fertility is just as accurate a method. Once a woman is familiar with the various types of cervical fluid produced by her body and begins to utilize fertility charting, conception is more likely to take place.

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