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Fashion Tips For Pregnant Women

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Today, pregnancy is seen as a beautiful and even sexy part of being a woman, and dressing as such is encouraged. Although putting the efforts into dressing fashionable while pregnant may, at times, seem like an unworthy task, it is a great way to keep in touch with your old self and embracing your new curvy body. There are a few essentials that should be in every pregnant woman’s wardrobe that will make it easy and almost effortless to stay fashionable during the most wonderful and mysterious months in your life.

Nursing bras are essential wardrobe pieces. It is not recommended to purchase a nursing bra until your third trimester, but it is not uncommon for women to buy them as early as 18 weeks. When buying a nursing bra, buy one that is one or two cup sizes bigger to leave enough room for breast growth when milk supply comes in postpartum. Buying one that fits regularly even now is also acceptable if you experience early growth as nursing bras give additional support that most regular bras don’t, making bra wearing even more comfortable.

Leggings and Spanx that are tailored for pregnant women grow with your body and keep your bump looking smooth and perfectly rounded when paired with any outfit. Splurge on one or two designer maternity jeans. They look better than the cheaper jeans and are more likely to stretch enough to fit your growing bump through the trimesters. The higher quality denim will also last better as the bloating kicks in during the third trimester.

Tops that can easily translate from work to casual are necessary. Changing after work is something that most pregnant women do not have the energy for, and having a top that can be worn for both is a life saver. Luckily, there are several tops that are great for both. Tops that are printed, wrapped or tunics are great options. For the weekend, comfy staple tops are great. For warmer months, opt for camisoles and tanks and for the cooler months, turtlenecks and cardigans. It is essential that you stray away from the typical loose tops. This is a time when being curvy and having a voluptuous bump is celebrated and it should be flaunted.

Some pregnant women swear to keep wearing their heels for as long as possible. In reality, it is the best time to let you go more casual. Cute ballet flats are a great wardrobe addition that can be kept postpartum. As they come in various colors and with many different adornments, ballet flats do not mean they are not fashion forward.

Dresses are the best addition to a pregnant woman’s wardrobe. They are suitable for any season and can fit any occasion. An empire waist cut with adjustable straps can last from the first trimester to the last and even postpartum.

Dressing nicely during pregnancy has never been easier. With the right pieces in your wardrobe, it can be easy to retain up a look that keeps confidence high. By choosing the right things, you may even save money by not having to purchase new outfits as your body changes through the trimesters and many of them you may even wear long after pregnancy.

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