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How to Conceive A Baby Boy

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While there is no surefire way to conceive a baby of a preferred gender, there are some methods that are thought to increase the chances of having a boy. These are mainly components of the popular “Shettles Method,” developed by a doctor and shown to be as high as 75% successful.

Try to conceive as close to ovulation as possible, even on the day of ovulation. To ensure that you know when this happens, keep a menstrual calendar tracking the beginning and ending dates of your period. Using this calendar, you should be able to figure out which day you ovulate with good accuracy.

If you do not want to keep a calendar, try using an ovulation kit. These work by detecting the amount of luteinizing hormone (LH), which spikes about 12 to 48 hours before you ovulate. Using the kit on a twice-daily basis should keep you aware of your LH levels. When you see a spike, wait about 12 hours to have sex and try to conceive.

Finally, you may try buying a body basal thermometer and recording basal body temperature each day. When your body basal temperature spikes, you are ovulating. By keeping a record of body temperature spikes, after a couple of months, it may be easier to predict when you are going to ovulate.

You may wonder why you would not simply try to have a boy around the time of ovulation, instead of waiting until the exact day. If you have sex right before ovulation, you actually increase your chances of having a girl, because sperm that produces girls is slower and more resistant.

If you are simply trying to conceive, you will want to begin trying as soon as you see fertile cervical mucous discharging. However, having sex as soon as you see this mucous may increase the chances of having a girl. If you want to have sex during this time but want to limit your chances of conceiving a girl, use some sort of barrier protection for birth control. Once the mucous looks like egg whites, this is an indication that you have begun ovulating.

You should also consider that by limiting the number of days you can try to conceive (by not having sex before ovulation), you decrease your chances of overall conception.

In terms of the sex act itself, a position with deep penetration should give the boy sperm (which are faster) a head start to the cervix, allowing them to fertilize before the female sperm. Also, female orgasms are good for conceiving boys, because fluids produced after the orgasm make the vagina more alkaline, which is a better environment for boy sperm.

Finally, there are a couple of things that the male partner can do to make conceiving a boy easier. Wearing loose-fitting underwear, such as boxers, prevents decreased sperm count. Also, drinking a caffeinated drink before sex helps boost the sperm with Y-chromosomes.

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