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How to Conceive a Baby Girl

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Many parents who want children would like to have both boys and girls. Having a balance is nice because the parents can buy toys and clothes for both sexes. Sometimes parents will have a couple children of the same sex and hope to have a child of a different sex. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Moms and dads with three boys (or whatever the number) should feel comfortable in saying they would like to have a little girl from the next pregnancy. It used to be parents just crossed their fingers and hoped for the girl, but now there are things that can be done to increase the chances of getting that precious little girl.

The Shettles Method

First, it is important to understand that the sex of a child is determined by the male. Here is how that science works. Women have eggs with X chromosomes. When the sperm fertilizing an egg has the X chromosome then a baby girl will be born. If the fertilizing sperm has a Y chromosome, a baby boy will be born. So in order to have a girl, the male sperm must contain the X chromosome, so the environment must be right to make sure the sperm contains that important X.

One method parents can try when seeking to conceive a girl is called the Shettles Method. The basis behind the method is that the Y chromosome is smaller and less robust, but move faster than the X chromosome. The steps recommended by this method, if followed diligently, can result in a 75 percent chance of success.

The method consists of charting basal body temperature, ovulation times, cervical mucus, and using ovulation predictor kits. Then the frequency and timing of sexual relations is factored in, as well as the sexual position and even sexual orgasms. It may be a lot to monitor, but if it works it is worth it.

Other Methods for Conceiving a Girl

There are several other methods for conception.

  • The Whelan Method depends on the time of intercourse
  • The Chinese Conception Chart charts the mother’s lunar age since the mother’s age predicts gender
  • The O+12 method states that sexual relations should occur 12 hours after ovulation to conceive a girl

There are suggested dietary supplements and over-the-counter medications that can be taken to increase the chances of having a girl. Even some urban legends swear that having sex in the afternoon works, having sex on even numbered days, or during the full moon. Eating fish and vegetables and then a chocolate dessert may work according to the legends, or even when the woman initiates sex it will result in having a girl.

While some of these methods and suggestions may sound bizarre and funny, for those parents who are serious about trying to conceive a girl it is no laughing matter. Consulting with a qualified physician can help wade through all the myths and get down to proven methods that increase the chances of having a girl.

But there is nothing wrong with trying all the methods and having fun with it.

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