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Maximize Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

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Deciding to have a baby is an exciting event in any couple’s life together. However, the excitement disappears when, month-after-month, conception never occurs. Trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully can be depressing and cause serious issues both psychologically and in the relationship with your partner. What was once a joyous occasion can cause resentment, frustration, and feelings of inadequacy. In order avoid such situations, several tips can be followed that will increase your chances of getting pregnant. Following all of these tips is not a sure road to pregnancy, but all are worth the extra effort.


Before deciding “this is the month we’re getting pregnant,” allow your partner and yourself a couple of months to prepare. During this time, you can make sure you are in shape and your body has all the essential nutrients required for a healthy pregnancy. You can still have sex with the goal of conception during this time, but don’t count it as the official time you are trying to conceive. Steps to take in this preparation phase include the following:

  • Eat healthy – Begin watching what you eat. A healthy diet for pregnancy differs very little from a general, overall healthy diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a must. Adequate protein and fiber are required. Whole grains and other fresh foods are recommended over prepared foods.
  • Reduce or eliminate drug intake – This mean illegal drugs first and foremost, but it does not stop there. Nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine are all drugs, too. Stop smoking. Limit alcohol intake. Cut down on coffee.
  • Take vitamins – Doctors recommend taking prenatal vitamins 3 to 6 months before becoming pregnant. However, most otherwise healthy women will benefit after 1 to 2 months.
  • Reduce stress – Try to eliminate any issues that can cause stress. This is easier said than done, but steps can be taken to remove some stressful situations from your life.
  • Exercise – Establish a healthy regimen of regular exercise. Studies that women who exercise regularly become pregnant more easily. However, exercise should be light, such as walking, yoga, and aerobics. Avoid high-impact exercises.
  • Optimize sperm count – Your partner can also be eating a healthy diet, exercising, taking vitamins, reduce stress, and eliminating drugs to increase his sperm count.


Pregnancy is not magic. It is a science, and specific biological criteria must be met for the event to occur. Sperm must come into contact with an egg after it has been released from an ovary. This only happens during ovulation. If you can find out the exact time you are ovulating, the chances of getting pregnant increase exponentially. To find out your ovulation time means knowing your cycle, but even if you know your cycle, the exact times can be elusive. Here are some tips in discovering when you are ovulating:

  • Cervical fluid – Right before ovulation, cervical fluid becomes more lubricating and wet. It will get a consistency similar to that of egg whites.
  • Cervical position – When fertile, the cervix becomes softer and rises higher than at other times.
  • Temperature – Charting your basal body temperature can help to determine your most fertile time in your cycle.

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