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Trying to Get Pregnant – At What Point Should I Seek Medical Assistance?

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For a couple who is attempting to conceive a baby without results, the situation can be very daunting. Many couples will try for years and finally be able to conceive. However, some couples may be having a difficult time conceiving a baby which could be very taxing on your mental status. Before heading to a fertility clinic, there are some issues that you may want to discuss with your partner to figure out the best way to bring a little bundle of love into your life.

There are some situations which can prevent anyone from naturally getting pregnant. Often, couples are not trying to conceive at the proper time. For instance, a couple that has no medical problems has only 25 percent possibility of conceiving during each month. If you factor in infertility problems, conception can become a very difficult situation. Doctors recommend that a couple should seek help with a fertility clinic if conception has not occurred after 18 months or up to two years. This fact is considered only if a woman is under the age of 35. If a woman is over 35 years of age, couples should seek help after only 6 months of not being able to conceive.

First, couples should consult with their regular doctor or obstetrician. It is not necessary to visit a a fertility clinic if the problem that is causing infertility is an medical condition that is diagnosed by your doctor, such as an insufficient sperm count or a disease. If it is not a common problem, the doctor will then recommend a fertility clinic to conduct more extensive testing and inform couples about upcoming decisions.

Most cases of infertility can be tackled with fertility drugs. These drugs can provide an environment that will make conception more possible. Another treatment that is common is artificial insemination. This process places a man’s sperm inside of a woman’s body and helps facilitate the process of conceiving a baby.

In vitro fertilization is one of the more expensive fertility treatments but is also less common. Only two percent of couples end up using in vitro fertilization due to its high cost of around $12,000 per session. This process involves conceiving a baby with an egg and a sperm outside of the body in a sterile lab. Once conception is accomplished, the fertilized egg is placed back into the womb to continue maturation.

Before heading to a fertility clinic, couples should be aware that this process can be very emotionally draining. Some couples are not ready for the extensive testing and waiting. Another issue that couples should discuss is the likelihood that conception may not be possible. Both partners should be prepared for an a journey that will be very emotional and should also gather information to inform themselves on every aspect of this process.

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