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What Are The Benefits Of Having a Waterbirth?

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As water birthing is gaining popularity among women looking to give birth naturally, it is perfectly understandable for expectant mothers to be curious. Truth is, there are many benefits of water birthing to both mother and child and if you are planning to deliver naturally, it is perhaps the most ideal method.

Pain management is one of the most common reasons for the increase in popularity for water births. As more and more women are trying to stay away from epidurals, this makes the option of water birthing that much more attractive. Pain is minimized for the mother in several ways during water birth. There are several reasons this is possible. First of all, the simple act of being immersed helps to reduce abdominal pressure as well as the fact that it causes the pelvic floor muscles to relax. Water also aids in preventing damage to the vaginal and perineal areas as they are softened which allows them to be more resilient to the stretching that occurs in delivery. This means less tearing and a quicker recovery for mom.

Another benefit to water birthing is relaxation. For many expectant mothers, especially first time moms, anxiety levels run high. This is to be expected, as the process is very overwhelming. The mind tends to run rampant with “what ifs” and a general list of hopes that can run a mile long. Aside from that, by the time a woman is ready to deliver she is often very uncomfortable even without contractions. Water helps to alter the state of consciousness allowing mom to be able to take a breath and just relax. It is far easier to take on a difficult situation when we have some mental clarity, and childbirth is by far the most physically difficult task a woman can experience. Besides, it may be one of the last chances mom will get to relax for quite a while.

Water birthing is also beneficial in facilitating a less than perfect labor. Once immersed, progression into active labor is common. This is because the cervix is more likely to dilate in water. Also, the relaxation allows the mother’s hormones to step in which further allows labor to become more efficient.

Last but not least is the bonding ability for dad. As mom is more likely to be relaxed, and less likely to be screaming, and creating expletives that would make any sailor blush. That being said, dad is much more likely to join mom in the pool. When dad is more active in the birthing process, this allows him the opportunity to bond with the baby much more quickly than if under different circumstances.

With benefits like these, it is no wonder that more and more women are looking towards water birthing as their method of choice. From natural pain management, the empowerment that comes along with childbirth and the ability to bond as a family in such a unique manner, water birthing offers many benefits making it an ideal option for natural birth.

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