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What Couples Can Expect When Visiting a Fertility Clinic

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Visiting a fertility clinic for the first time can seem intimidating, and infertility can be one of the most challenging issues a couple may encounter. The added stress of an unfamiliar setting can create unwelcome tension, but there are some situations one can expect when visiting a fertility clinic.

Many fertility clinics will send a packet of paperwork to you before your first appointment. Information requested by the clinic will help to establish medical and personal history that may influence possible causes of infertility. Some clinics might require you to record everyday activities, such as sleeping, eating, and activity levels. The clinic might also request previous medical records. It might take time to obtain these records, so you should resist the urge to procrastinate.

The first visit might only serve as a consultation rather than an examination. Either way, a couple should attend the first appointment together. The fertility specialist will review the information you have already provide and ask questions to clarify or gather more information before moving forward. This first meeting will include the planning period. A good specialist will be receptive to your questions, and you should ask any questions that you have about the possible causes of infertility, the treatment, and any other aspects of your visit.

Again, it is important to come with your partner. The fertility specialist may speak with you and your partner together and separately. Unfortunately, the issue of infertility can become a blame game between you and your partner, so questioning the two of you separately can eliminate some of the tension that may interfere with getting an accurate assessment of the underlying causes of infertility. Even if you have a previous diagnosis linking the cause of the infertility to you or your partner, there may be multiple causes affecting both of you, so you should both undergo assessment.

When you plan your first appointment at the fertility clinic, you should understand that this is indeed the first of multiple appointments. There is no quick fix for infertility, and the fertility specialist should supervise your treatment progress. Treatment innovations have offered hope to couples dealing with infertility, but treatment still requires time and patience that many couples are unhappy to endure.

The many fertility clinics around provide new hope to couples suffering from infertility. The idea of going to a fertility clinic may be very intimidating to couples already plagued with emotional turmoil, but knowing what to expect can relieve some of the fear.

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